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Dart 5oz Non-Laminated Styrofoam Bowls 1000/cs Dart 12oz Unlaminated Styrofoam Bowls 500/cs Dart Quiet Classic Laminated Foam 10-12oz Bowls 1000/cs
12oz Pulp Paper Bowls 500/cs Dart® Famous Service® Impact Plastic 5-6oz Bowls 1,000/cs Dart Famous Service Impact Plastic 12oz White Bowls 1,000/cs
45oz Chinet Savaday Molded Fiber Paprus Bowls 500/cs
Chinet Savaday Molded Fiber Dinnerware - Bowls
Enhance the visual appeal and maintain the unique textural qualities of the foods you serve when you choose Savaday molded-fiber dinnerware. Superior oil-absorbing design helps keep the "crisp" in crispy foods. Extra-strong, extra-rigid construction minimizes the potential for mishaps.
- Chinet - Savaday
- Molded Fiber Paprus Bowls
- Superior Oil
- Color: White
- Round
- 45 Ounce Bowls
- Includes 500/Case